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Can you dribble with both your right hand and your left hand? Are you looking up to see your teammates as you dribble down the court? Can you shoot left handed layups and right handed layups? Are you self motivated to work hard? If you can answer "yes" to these questions, then you are on your way to becoming a star basketball player!


Becky Hammon can tell you about the people that have helped her throughout each step of her career. Read Becky Hammon Shooting for Success and see how Becky became a WNBA All-Star!

Becky Hamon Shooting for Success Book Cover

About the Book

Women's basketball star Becky Hammon demonstrates strong leadership skills, determination and self-confidence to accomplish her goals. The author shares how hope and encouragement sustained Becky throughout her WNBA career.  This children's biography is sure to be inspirational to all young boys and girls. 

Book Details:


35 pages

Interest level 2nd to 7th grade

Children's biography

Proceeds to Girls' Basketball in South Dakota

Becky Hammon Retirement Jersey Seal
Becky Hammon NY Liberty
Becky Hammon Silver Stars WNBA

Becky Hammon Shooting for Success by Gloria Riherd has received The Acts of Excellence Award from the South Dakota Hall of Fame. 

The SDHOF recognizes South Dakotans who do extraordinary things. These real stories demonstrate what excellence in action looks like and inspire others to embrace the pursuit of excellence as well. “Becky Hammon Shooting for Success” is the story of a remarkable athlete and woman who is an inspiration and role model for young girls everywhere.”

Non-Profit Purpose

"I saw a need for more books in our elementary libraries about women athletes directed specifically to young girls who aspire to be good in athletics. After traveling to New York to see one of Becky Hammon's games, I  saw the impact that she had on these young girls.  Becky Hammon t-shirts were everywhere and many waited for an autograph after the game.  Becky Hammon was an inspiration to all.  This was the woman athlete that I wanted to write about.  All proceeds are designated for girls basketball in South Dakota.

– Author Gloria Riherd

From Becky

 "I hope that whatever you are passionate about, whether it be basketball, music, dance, or whatever, that you work at it with 100 percent focus and determination--and don't forget to have fun! Strive to be great, believe that you can be great, and put people in and around your life that will help you achieve your goals."

Becky Hammon WNBA

    "I hope this book inspires you to be great.  I hope it conveys to you that you are special and have your own unique journey that begins with new choices and opportunities every morning.  I hope you see that at the end of the day, you are not so different than me!"

Becky Hammon Silver Stars WNBA


"I loved it! So interesting to read about Becky’s journey. My kids can sure learn a lot about perseverance from this book.

"Great book! So inspiring for my daughter (and me too!) A great reminder that you can do anything if you work for it."

"This book is a must read! Such a positive book to help all students feel that success is possible for each of them. Becky's career in women's basketball is amazing. Get it today!"

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